Spelljammer 4th Edition

10th Game Session
The Poisoned Shadows

A bloodied, beaten and ultimately defeated shadar-kai came stumbling aboard the Blade of Destiny saying that the crew sent to rout the assassins guild spared his life on the condition that they take him back to the Shadowfell. Fix-it and Auberic wondered what exactly in the nine hells was going on down there in the muck and filth, so they ventured into the dark to take a better look. There they found that Hadarai, Fayte, and Erevan were snatched and hauled off by the shadar-kai further into the lair of the guild leader while leaving the mighty Asteron to fend for himself against an Oni and the gelatinous cube that had him swallowed whole.
The cube sank beneath the sewage with the minotaur inside while Mr. Fix-it and the Captain Auberic were left to deal with the oni. They fervently kept it distracted while trying to free Asteron, who hacked away at the cube from within. Once the cube-like mass of semi-solid digestive acid was sufficiently frozen, burned, slashed and zapped enough to the point that it stopped moving, the crewmen then turned to surrounded the mace-wielding, poison breathing, horned ogre-like creature and pummel him to within an inch of consciousness.
Vanishing in a cloud of smoke and slipping beneath the sewer grates, the Oni fled for its life before it too ended up a prisoner of the Blade of Destiny. The warden, now freed of his sticky situation, gave a rousing speech about everything being completely under control and tromped back off through the sewage to rescue the paladin, wizard, and warlock, while the artificer and the sorcerer scratched their heads, shrugged, and returned to the ship.
Meanwhile, in the heart of darkness surrounded by the foul stench of the liquified waste of an entire city, the three snatched and sapped crewmen awoke about the same time that the minotaur came hopping out of a large sewer pipe. The only other companions in the large juncture of two streams of filth was a barrel floating in the eddies and a patch of mushrooms growing in one corner with a pile of shiny copper coins scattered amongst them.
The crew gathered around and stooped over to get a better look at the bizarre looking mushrooms, realizing it was a trap a split second before the caps burst into a cloud of corrosive acidic spores. That however seemed to be the least of their worries, as none other than Lady Nightshade herself erupted out of the sewer water to lay seige to the PC’s. The mastermind of the assassins was no less than a terrifying adult black dragon, who tore into the crew with a fury. The Oni and one of the Shadar-Kai Gloomblades, loyal to the end, (but more likely out of fear of their master) peeled out of the shadows and fell upon the crew as well, despite grievous wounds from the previous battles. Those two didn’t last long, but then again, the real threat was the massive black dragon bearing down on them with a wide breath of acid, vicious fangs, magical clouds of gloom, flesh-rending claws and a large barbed tail for that occasional extra head-thumping. She blinded them and melted flesh, knocked them around and tore into the Warden, Warlock, and Paladin, who made slow and steady progress in bringing down the beast who had dug-in at a corner behind a pile of rubble while the Wizard Hadarai kept a fair distance and turned her very mind against her. The dragon would occasionally smash her own head against the wall of the sewer seemingly for no reason. Finally having enough of that business, she left her defensible location and lunged at the wizard with reckless abandon in a desperate gambit to put some pressure on the orb-wielding eladrin. They kept her pinned down solid fighting position, nowhere to run, half on the ledge of the muck, while Fayte threw foul warlock hexes at her from across the room (remaining largely untouchable), Hadarai wiggling his fingers (and not doing anything particularly flashy, but obviously seeming to cause all sorts of trouble for the dragon) from the other, while Asteron and Erevan kept the pressure on and her attention away from the two casters with blades, lighting, and divine energies.
In the end, the battle was hard fought and won with persistence; the characters pushed to the very limits of their abilities. Finally the black dragon stopped lashing out and roaring. Her dark eyes fluttered and with a groan and one last roar the Lady Nightshade was no more. The crew fished out the innocuous barrel floating in the muck and cracked it open only to have gold coins come spilling out of it, as well as a large emerald and a magical mask, which the dragon was no doubt using to manipulate the guild.
The crew also found several letters from a Kurkar Randred, and contracts placing a 10,000 gold bounty for each of the heads of the Blade of Destiny. It seems that the Five Companies has it out for the crew in a bad way…

9th Game Session

The PC’s are returning to silverymoon with the rescued paladin in tow. He is a nephew of the hunter that the crew was trying to enlist in order to track down and end the threat of the green dragon and resume safe caravan travel in the region of Lurar once again. When they arrived at her manor the town watch was poking about, claiming that she’d been murdered by a guild of assassins operating out of the city.
A quick assessment by the arcane eyes of Fayte and Hadarai and the pieces began to fall together. Shadow magic was the chosen coarse of assassination. But by whom exactly? The city watch had a lead they were willing to trade the crew in exchange for routing the guild itself. So off they went to purge silverymoon of this organization of death merchants. Down into the cellar of an old curio shop they descended, first sending Fayte’s familiar down to scout, then charging down when the kitty did not return. They were met by a pack of startled Shadar-kai. Twisted and demented souls, their race seeks pain and physical extreme to stave off the gloom of the Shadowfell. The fight was a struggle, with the shadowcasters slipping in and out of the darkness in an elaborate dance of flurrying blades and bolts of magic. In the end, the enemy caster slipped away and the others were dispatched save but one, who’s will was gradually crushed to dust by the wizard as he was cowed by the teifling. They managed to get the name of the leader, and the location of the main hideout, through the sewers of Silverymoon. Instead of giving him a merciful death, the crew granted him life aboard a spelljammer, figuring he would come in handy in their travels.
Down into the darkness and the foul stench they went. To the veins of filth and foulness that ran underneath the sun-kissed streets above. The PCs came upon an old man cowering in the corner, injured and crying for help. They saw through the ruse however, and under the illusion the Oni lurking with weapon in hand. As they approached, they were abushed by more shadar-kai, and the witch that plagued them from the last battle. To top it all off, they drew the attention of a gelatenous cube, which may have been part of silverymoons waste system, it remains unclear since it only attacked when it was provoked by an area attack above.

8th Game session
Portals are Fun

The crew stepped up to face the challenge before them; an eladrin vampire commanding an squad of ghouls skittering on the ceiling latticework like so many beetles.
In the blink of an eye, the ghouls had the crew surrounded and the vampire threw a lever open on the side of the portal as he sent out waves of painful energy, causing blood blisters to erupt on the adventurers’ skin, tugging them closer to the fanged creature. An ill breeze kicked up as the portal opened and a foul mist began snaking its way through the floor of the tomb, animating all the dead bodies that the crew just finished putting to a second rest.
“Apparently these elves don’t know when to stay dead. " The captain said gruffly, with a nod to Hadarai and Fayte suggesting that the pair to see to zombies, closing the door behind them.
It was Asteron, Fix-it, and the Captain versus the skittering ghouls and the vampire. Thunder and lighting bolts ripped across the tomb as well as gouts of flame and bolts heavily laden with caustic projectiles flying through the air. A whirling storm erupted, engulfing the ghouls and crackling energy, every time they tried to escape, being thrust right back into the maelstrom by animated vines and roots that sprang out of the ground. Mr. Fix-it’s immediate reaction was to pull on the lever that presumably controlled the portal. What he was unprepared for was being turned into a wolf as the magic went wildly awry. The vampire used his control over living blood to pull both Fix-it and Asteron into the portal with one deft movement, and Auberic into his own conjured maelstrom with the other.
Inside the Shadowfell lay a tomb very similar to the one in the material world, except that the tomb was being used as some sort of demonic sacrificial chamber for a cult of Orcus. The foul mist was simply creeping down and in from a flight of steps leading up to a wardless stone door, which lay ajar.
The crew did not waver however, as they turned the vampire’s consorts to a piles of smoking bubbling and blackened meat. Fix-it once again threw open the lever, but received a beneficial wild magic effect that allowed him to close in the distance, surrounding the vampire with a few seconds and a blur of motion.
Nowhere to run, no reason to live, no fear of death….the vampire yielded to the adventurers. They heard Fayte and Hadarai mopping up in the rooms outside as a faint thumping and a cry for help came from one of the sarcophagi. Inside, Lady Duskstrider’s paladin brother lay, pale, sweating, disheveled and with many bite marks covering his body. He eagerly composed himself and heard out his saviors who expressed interest in taking him with them.

7th Game Session
Into the Eladrin Crypt

Back to Silverymoon the crew went, licking their wounds and discussing the merits of having holy warriors on staff specifically to extinguish undead. They spoke briefly with the patron of their quest, while Mr. Fix-it acquired some holy water, demanding some sort of assurance of an additional reward for facing the horrors and bloodshed that awaited them back at the dungeon. The eladrin hunter confessed that her family had fallen on hard times since the Spellplauge, and that she hadn’t the coin to hire an adventuring party, otherwise she would’ve had the entire situation taken care of already. She also emphasized secrecy in the matter, apparently being of some noble birth, and to reveal that her family tomb has been overrun by undead would have been an embarrassment too great to endure. She stated that her paladin brother had already tried to clear the tomb; mustering together a few swords for hire and hadn’t returned since. She implored the crew to help with her plight, willing to let their reward be negotiable after the crypt gets cleared and if they keep silent regarding the whole mess. It was a difficult position for the crew, as they had already tried to barter for the hunter’s aid to track down the winged green terror in the High Forest. As they flew back to the crypt, dawn stretched over the horizon and they came to the consensus that whatever they found in the crypt would be theirs by rights and the eladrin could do very little to prove otherwise, let alone go to any authorities if she was indeed trying to keep the whole thing hushed.
So back down to the elven barrow they went, the scorched earth and splatters of blood outside the entrance a tribute to their battle the previous night. The door had been sealed at one point, but Hadarai observed that the magic warding runes around the entrance, which may have been formidable once upon of time, now did virtually nothing. No mere stone door was too much for the mighty Asteron, and with a grunt and a snort he threw open the entrance to the eladrin tomb.
Awaiting them inside (aside from the stench of death and the utter darkness) was a throng of eladrin ghouls all dressed in funeral garments. Their pale dead eyes and withered, rotting flesh seemed to be in various states of decay. Though some were left mostly intact, (assuming the manner in which they died,) others seemed to have been decomposing for quite some time. They swarmed the crew like so many locusts, clinging and gnawing and biting, like the true mindless corpses that they were. A few well-placed area attacks as well as some fanciful fey pact teleporting and artificer etherel chilling was all it took for the crew of the Destiny to find victory, sending twenty or so of the ghouls back to rest.
Further down the crypt, a door lay slightly ajar, as if the undead were shuffling up against it and managed to pry it open. Inside, three eladrin wights in full knight regalia and two floating mage skulls, eyes burning green with hatred of the non-elves who dared to defile their family crypt.
A short conversation ensued, but the tiefling fayte played the devil’s advocate and provoked the wights into attacking. The wights seemed to sap the very life out of the crewmen with every blow landed and add it to their own foul life source as the tiny floating skulls buzzed around and shot ghostly bolts of energy and dreadful waves of magic at the party. Auberic set up shop by planting the battle banner and laying down a gout of firey breath while Asteron fearlessly charged into the fray at his side. Fix-it unleashed a deadly bolt of corrosive acid from behind the corner, nearly destroying one of the mage skulls in one shot, while Fayte and the Hadarai drew some attention away but were largely unhindered by the creatures’ paralyzing attacks, giving them freedom to move across the field and pummel them at range. The undead couldn’t hope to last long against these seasoned adventurers, and so it was, one by one they fell to crumpled heaps until the last foe was dashed to dust in mid-air by a kopesh with a charging minotaur behind it.
The barrow itself stretched on to the south and further on to the west. A mechanical “ear” pressed to the doors decided the direction and the crew ventured to the south first, where they discovered that most of this part of the crypt had been untouched by whatever sort of dread foulness had befallen the dead eladrin. One observation made by the arcane caster collective is that the rituals of gentle repose used on the bodies in this wing of the crypt were “newer”, though the warding spells and traps were obviously much older and had succumb to the ravages of time and magical upheaval that faerun has endured in the last few hundred years. The crew looted those bodies as well and ventured onward.
With a combined effort (after the door refused to budge initially,) the great stone slabs shifted aside to reveal a grand chamber complete with a spring-fed pool and a very obviously malfunctioning portal to the Shadowfell standing front and center, an evil corrupting mist spewing out from around its base. Ghoulish undead eladrin seemed to cling to the stone latticework like spiders, as a very finely dressed (though very pale and fanged with glowing red eyes…) eladrin noble pointed an angry finger, shouting obscenities at the interlopers and ordering the attack!!

6th Game Session

Waterdeep. Is it really the City of Splendors? The crew of the Blade of Destiny were more or less impressed with a little genuine shore leave after being enslaved and chased from one end of the planes to the other. Their hold bursting with rare gems, they soared over the city, flag of truce flapping gallantly in the wind. The ship came to rest in the docks where soon after they were approached by a group of figures, one of them by the name of Samark claiming to be the Lord Commander of the Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors. He bid the crew welcome to the city and offered to buy them a round of drinks. They agreed, and with a clap of his hands, they were teleported into a local tavern, drinks at the ready. Feeling somewhat uneasy at being instantaneously transported across the city by this mage, but not entirely unaccustomed to such things, the crew enjoyed their drinks and got “the business”. Basically they were told to stay out of trouble and warned that there were many more eyes on them than his own. They inquired about some adventuring work, and the wizard pointed them to the High Forest, where a rather nasty adult green dragon was terrorizing caravans on the road to Silverymoon.
Taking it all in stride, the crew agreed to finally get some R&R. Fayte decided to harass a merchant and purchase some chickens for her chickenfarm, while Fix-it conned the nosy wizards that came to gawk at him out of a pile of gold, while Auberic decided to visit the local blacksmith for a relaxing dip into the forge. Hadarai seemed to be largely missing while the crew enjoyed themselves, but made himself known after they decided to visit The Blushing Mermaid to do a bit of gambling. Mr. Fix-it couldn’t stay out of trouble for too long, however, as a hot winning streak caused him to earn the ire of the games attendant, accusing him of being a construct and being able to calculate the odds with his machine brain. They got into an argument, which was broken up when a woman approached them, claiming to be a prominent underworld figure by the name of Shannan. She explained that it would be in the crew’s best interest to have dinner with her and discuss the nature of the plethora of gems that the planar sailors were hocking all over the city, and how to …. ensure that business remained amiable in the future.
Not particularly being fond of veiled threats, the crew reasoned that they could simply sell thier wares elsewhere – - Toril was a big place to be sure, but they had a fast ship. Still. Having an allies this close to the portal to Hak-Karlum may be prudent. Wealth, the Captain reasoned, is more than having lots of gold. So they set out to meet with this mysterious woman and discuss future buisness endeavors.
Alas, what is a day in Waterdeep without some sort of foul brand of horror popping up now and again! As the PC’s made their way through the Heroe’s Garden, they were approached by a fanatic of Amaunator, spouting inane drivel about the end of the world and how they must come speak to their exarch to prevent the apocalypse. There, in the wood a mighty angel stood, bathed in radiant light. As soon as the group approached however, the angel revealed itself to be a demon, and the fanatics its demonic gnoll servants. A battle ensued where swift maneuvering and persistence won over the forces of evil.
The gardens now smoldering and the town guards scratching their heads and not sure what to make of it, the crew talked their way out of a further explanation, pointing to the dead bodies and a demonic magic circle as evidence. They quickly made for the ship and got the hells out of Waterdeep before any more trouble found them. The plan, as it were, was to buy a net of iron chains and an invisibility potion, find the dragon, catch it unawares, and beat it senseless. In order to do this, they made port in Silverymoon, what was once known as the Gem of the North. There, they sought counsel from an eladrin ranger by the name of Aravial Duskstrider, a peerless huntsman who’s knowledge and expertise would be invaluable in tackling this forest dragon.
Unimpressed by the crew’s plan of attack, the ranger refused to aid the adventurers, calling them reckless and insane, likely to get themselves eaten for their trouble, flying ship bedamned. A second plea made by Hadarai was met with a bit more sympathy, and the ranger agreed to help the crew hunt down the green menace… for a price. Aravial explained that she would help the Destiny’s crew despite her misgivings in exchange for clearing out an old eladrin crypt that had become infested with the living dead.
So off the crew went, figuring a pile of undead would be child’s play compared to a dragon. They woefully underestimated the amount of trouble that the restless eladrin spirits would prove to be as a lengthy and perilous battle ensued, nearly costing the crew their lives. The spirits were relentless, hacking away with abandon, using their incorporeal blades of bone-numbing cold while the crew’s attacks seemed to be stymied by the incorporeal nature of the undead eladrin.
After a hard fought battle, the teifling warlock Fayte sent the very last spirit screaming into oblivion with a gout of hellfire. The crew realized that they were beaten and bloodied to within an inch of their lives and had not even made it so far as to descend the steps to the crypt itself. With a heavy heart, they raised anchor and departed the forest.

5th Game session
The Glittering Depths

Hak-Karlum. The Faceted Plane. Once an archon fortress in the dawn war, the mine was subsequently ovverrun by a host of invaders, finally wrested from the archons’ grasp by a horde of demons led by none other than the mighty devil-turned-demon prince Graz’zt himself. The demons …. weren’t particularly of the mindset to turn the mine into an organized operation, so it largely went forgotten for millenia, known only to the occasional wandering monster, usually a Xorn, aberrations who are inexplicably drawn to rare gems and seek to consume them. The Maldrookt tribe of the Greypeak mountains, however, found a portal connecting Toril to the small island plane floating amidst the Elemental Chaos. They have been plundering Hak-Karlum’s riches for years, taking them back to the material plane to be sold and traded, and making the hill giant tribe one of the wealthiest in the silver marches.
Two new crewman made their presences known aboard the Destiny: Fayte, a teifling warlock vassal of the kingdom of the Fey in a far-off distant plane who worships a death goddess called the Raven Queen, and Hadarai, a skilled Eladrin wizard of particularly potent illusion magics. Both found little difficulty stowing aboard the ship back in Zulkolosz, and met more luck in remaining hidden than did Mr. Mord the orcish rouge.
Mr. Asteron was given a “map” by captain Auberic written in some strange old Efreeti script, that revealed its secrets with a pinch of residuum. The map worked more like a compass, pointing the way to the mine, where the Blade of Destiny swiftly plunged down into. There, they were assaulted by gargoyles and galeb-durs, strange rock-like creatures who’s ancestors were once dwarves, now twisted into servitude to the giants. Descending as rapidly as the helmsman dared to risk , the stoney foes pelted the crew with a cascade of boulders and hit-and-run tactics. The battle was hard fought, the PC’s encountering more than they bargained for as many of the various arcane crystals of the mines were left at the entrance as a deterrent to be used by the sentinels.
Smashing their foes to bits of gravel, Mr. Asteron then decided to stay and guard the ship, overseeing the mining of the riches that literally jutted from every inch of this magnificent repository of rare gems. Fayte then sent her cat familiar ahead to scout the main tunnel leading deeper into the mine, silent and swift, it returned with news of a solitary hill giant, poised and waiting to smash the intruders to bits with its club. Needless to say the arcane casters wanted to try to avoid melee combat without the mighty Asteron at their side, (By ‘side’ i mean between them and the enemies) so they hatched a scheme to deal with the hill giant without bloodshed: Mr. Fix-it the master alchemist gave Hadarai a Potion of Friendship. The wizard then made himself invisible and snuck up on the waiting giant with ease, slipping the potion into his wineskin. If there is one thing known about hill giants it is that they are _exceptionally _stupid. Within seconds the giant became Hadarai’s best friend, and escorted him back to the ship, where Mr. Fane and Quidaffi translated for the eladrin. They found out that they had little more than a few days before the rest of the Maldrookts were supposed to return, and then sent the bewitched giant off on a wild-goose chase. A githzerai prisoner was found tied up in the mine, which they released. He said his name was Karath, a scout from a githzerai settlement in the Elemental Chaos. The crew let him go, but not before they put the fear of god into him (like, 46), threatening all sorts of nastiness should the scout bring back word of the mine’s location. They found supplies within the mine as well and stocked up the ship with food and drink as the crew hammered and chiseled wealth from the rock as quickly as they could.
Running out of time, the crew lowered the sails, their cargo secured, and made for the portal to Toril just as the mining party was emerging. They zoomed past the confused hill giants and peeled through the portal, taking them to a place that many of the crew had never seen before: Faerun. From there, they headed due west to a little town called Waterdeep. As they soared over the gates, the gryphon riders took to the skies, bells cried out, and the whole city’s defenses were up in alarm. The Destiny raised a flag signaling their friendly intent as they flew past Blackstaff tower, where a sole figure was emerging onto a balcony….

4th Game Session

Side Quest: Fixit’s Dragon Hunt

Mr. Fix-it and Wrenchy team up again in this episode of scaly proportions. Turning his attention away from murdering crewman Quidaffi the cursed troll, Fixit turns his cold warforged gaze onto the skies of the Elemental Chaos for the winged monsters who’s blood now pumps through the very hull of the ship. The Blade of Destiny makes a pit stop at a small, very modest reed hut at the edge of one of the many torrents of the Riverweb. The hut is home to an old solitary githzerai simply referred to as ‘The Oracle’ by the riverfolk. Knowing that the dragon’s brain, eyes and blood can be used in draconic rituals, Fixit presents them to the oracle who uses them to try an locate more dragons in the area. In fact there was one nearby, a white dragon wyrmling who took up residence in an old dwarven tower floating on a mote of ice, a remnant of some long forgotten battle. They bring the ship about and come up from the bottom, riding motes of conjured earth to the base of the tower, dispatching a few kobold sentries on the way, like swatting at gnats. Fixit and the Captain steal their way into the tower and make the ascent to the top. They can hear the voices of the dragon and her minions, casually unaware of the doom that awaited them. Using his failsafe War Proxy tactics, the artificer turns the captain into a turret of destruction, protecting him from harm as he augments his attacks. The Captain and Fixit make small work of the kobold servants, shrugging off the brutish little white wyrmling’s attacks, as it was devastated by the combination of a resistance degradation and lots of damage. The Captain leaves no survivors and Fixit scoops up what meager hoard the dragon had obtained; a small pile of copper and silver and perhaps a few old dwarven tapestries and works of art. They haul the dragon back the Destiny and Mr. Fixit lays down a second network of pipes, sending the white dragon’s chilled blood pumping through the ship.
Taking the coins back the Oracle, Fixit eagerly jumps to the next opportunity to find a dragon, this time something more… blue. The Oracle tells him of a young blue dragon who has taken up to raiding the river merchants on trading missions through the riverweb. They lower the sails again and make way to one of the small fishing ports, scouring the markets for any merchants with information about the dragon. They find a fishmonger merchant selling shoddy weaponry and minor trinkets and magical items. The merchant also happened to be such a victim of the attacks that he placed a 500gp bounty on anyone willing to bring him proof of the dragon’s death. Fixit ups the ante, looking to stock the ship with a supply of tanglefoot bags on top of the reward. The merchant agrees and points them in the right direction. The lair itself is cleverly hidden and extremely hard to get to for the flightless, (Even the ones with a flying ship.) They climb up the ledge inside the mote of rock to get to the dragon’s lair and find nought but a few tracks, coins, and a cow tied to a post. The dragon, it seems, had foreknowledge of the the attack and used it as an opportunity to relocate.
With a sigh and slumped shoulders, the ship sails back to the oracle. Fixit presents the cow to the old Githzerai, with a great many questions and suspicions. After hearing the story of the blue hunt, they reasoned out that the merchant with the bounty must have been one of the dragon’s servants. Tricky blues.
Fixit and the Captain pour over dragon knowledge and they find Fixit’s next target: a young grey dragon named Caustrex, who lairs in a nearby lighting blasted scrubland with a tribe of kobolds, always on the move, always hunting. “The hunter becomes the hunted!” Fixit said with a glee.

3rd Game Session

Zulkolosz. Nowhere in the Astral Sea is there a more retched hive of scum and villainy. Evil factions from all over the seas make port here, using it as a hopping off point to raid the elemental chaos. It is also used as a safe haven from the interests of authorities of law, justice, or oppression who dare not stir the vipers’ nest and earn the enmity of Admiral Steeleye. The crew, now freed, enjoy a day of rest in a town carved into rock and made from salvaged ships above a sweltering, stinking portal into the Abyss. Once the ship repairs were underway the crew made haste into the depths of a hell worse than hell, where they knew the empire would not pursue them so casually.
Down and down they went, circling the putrid drain and emerging into a blasted wasteland that is the first layer of the abyss, called the Plane of a Thousand Portals by many. Ancient ziggurats and obelisks pepper an otherwise featureless sandy plain with a massive river of clotted blood and rotted body parts flowing through it. They passed over a maralith and a glaberezu proselytizing to a massive horde of demons, who made a token effort to pursue the Blade of Destiny as it streaked across the sky. In a plane where the harsh, unforgiving sun never sets and the air itself seems to sap the very essence of life, the crew found out that even simple travel in the abyss is hazardous. Their food began to inexplicably rot. Their water fouled. Thirst and hunger ravaged the Destiny. Three days passed. They should have been able to see the end to the wastes. The prisoners were the first to die. Then the crew began collapsing, one by one, spared only by by the mercy of Mr. Fix-it and wrenchy, with Mr. Asteron wearily aiding as well when the going got particularly rough. As they continued on, pushed to the very limits of their abilities, the crew became all too aware that traversing the planes require more than a fast ship and skilled hands.
The Elemental Chaos now stretched before them in an endless roiling torrent of shifting elements and churning cycles of creation and destruction.
Mr. Asteron, warden and native of the Chaos, found no difficulty in finding the Riverweb, a feat that is otherwise nearly impossible for outsiders to do without a tremendous amount of good fortune. Using Captain Auberic’s face as a reference, Mr. Daerto followed the trail of the Wingclipper, chasing the ghosts of the dragonborn’s former ship.
They sailed on, gathering supplies and information from the otherwise peaceful and friendly river folk. The trail soon ran cold, however, and the crew, particularly Mr. Asteron became less and less convinced that the Captain knew what he was doing. They came to a full stop at a junction between two great rivers floating in the Chaos. The captain looked down into the water and saw his obsessions near at hand. The crew shaped the chaos to divert the water and an island emerged, with a cave and a few trees. Mr. Asteron quickly pointed out that there was no way this island could exist without a sentient force to stabilize it, but the Captain pressed on, heedless to the imminent danger.
At last, the prize was at hand. A lumpy bit of fired clay broke apart to reveal a scrollcase with a map to their crystal mine and several magical scrolls. Just as the crew was about to disembark again, they heard a noise emanating from deep within the cave. Eerie, alien sounds that made their skin crawl. They shone a torch on the cave’s ceiling and were horrified to see a green slaad tap dancing on the ceiling. The captain, Auberic, the terrifying sorcerer scion of Io, turned tail and ran, gibbering with fear at the sight of this maddening beast. The stalwart crew were not so easily turned away and battle was joined.
What ensued could only be described as a frenzy. Visions and sounds of madness assaulted the crew one by one, but they fought fearlessly on, tearing into the Slaad with abandon. At last the final blow was struck and the Slaad and its madness was put to silence once and for all.

2nd Game session

A larger githyanki ship captained by a savage psychic and his slippery water genesai first mate fell into step and descended upon the Destiny with a fury of ballista fire that ended in a crescendo of wood splinters as the Destiny skewered the pursuit ship and boarded it. Asteron took control of the enemy main deck and engaged the captain in single combat whilst the rest of the crew emerged out of the mechanized maw of the Destiny’s bladed bow, setting fire to the below decks, cutting down anyone that opposed them, and raiding what little supplies were aboard. A feverishly chaotic combat ensued, and the fight eventually bled back on to the main deck where the enemy commanders gave the crew of the Destiny a rigorous workout. In the end, bodies littered the decks, Mr. Fix-it having extinguished the fires and taken the red wyrmling and the first mate as prisoner, the crew then spiked their enemies heads upon the ruins of their ship and (perhaps redundantly) scrawled a message for the githyanki empire. Slaves no more, the crew finally turned once again toward Zolkolosz, the infamous pirate haven of the astral seas.

1st game session

The pcs plan went off without a hitch. Almost. They fired up their new prototype thought-drive designed by Daherto, burst through the side of the gythyanki salvage galleon in the midst of a mutiny stirred up by Frederick. It was hours before they caught up to the Blade of Destiny, even then they were forced to use the lighter, quicker astral skiffs and the superior piloting abilities of the astral natives to hound the spelljammer down. The boarding attempt went horribly for the PCs former slavers, taking a full quarter of the attackers hostage and putting them to work in a snap decision, with more ships hot on their aft. (Nautical joke.) The prisoners, instead of securing the rigging, sabotaged it, dragging the ships speed even as the engines drove full boar, Asteron stirring up masses of birds and sending them into the pursuing ships rigging, and the ship’s engineer scrambled frantically to coax more speed out of his engine. Alas, the math was sorted and the fuel tallied and it was determined that at current speed, the ship would catch them two hours before making port in Zulkolosz, the gythyanki pirate port. The ship was turned about and set on a collision coarse meant to drive off these relentless slavers once and for all. Asteron, the mighty minotaur stood at the bow of the ship and fended off the ballista attacks while Mr. Fix it and the others disabled the ones firing at the Destiny. With a tremendous crash and the splintering of wood, the battle is joined.


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