Spelljammer 4th Edition

8th Game session

Portals are Fun

The crew stepped up to face the challenge before them; an eladrin vampire commanding an squad of ghouls skittering on the ceiling latticework like so many beetles.
In the blink of an eye, the ghouls had the crew surrounded and the vampire threw a lever open on the side of the portal as he sent out waves of painful energy, causing blood blisters to erupt on the adventurers’ skin, tugging them closer to the fanged creature. An ill breeze kicked up as the portal opened and a foul mist began snaking its way through the floor of the tomb, animating all the dead bodies that the crew just finished putting to a second rest.
“Apparently these elves don’t know when to stay dead. " The captain said gruffly, with a nod to Hadarai and Fayte suggesting that the pair to see to zombies, closing the door behind them.
It was Asteron, Fix-it, and the Captain versus the skittering ghouls and the vampire. Thunder and lighting bolts ripped across the tomb as well as gouts of flame and bolts heavily laden with caustic projectiles flying through the air. A whirling storm erupted, engulfing the ghouls and crackling energy, every time they tried to escape, being thrust right back into the maelstrom by animated vines and roots that sprang out of the ground. Mr. Fix-it’s immediate reaction was to pull on the lever that presumably controlled the portal. What he was unprepared for was being turned into a wolf as the magic went wildly awry. The vampire used his control over living blood to pull both Fix-it and Asteron into the portal with one deft movement, and Auberic into his own conjured maelstrom with the other.
Inside the Shadowfell lay a tomb very similar to the one in the material world, except that the tomb was being used as some sort of demonic sacrificial chamber for a cult of Orcus. The foul mist was simply creeping down and in from a flight of steps leading up to a wardless stone door, which lay ajar.
The crew did not waver however, as they turned the vampire’s consorts to a piles of smoking bubbling and blackened meat. Fix-it once again threw open the lever, but received a beneficial wild magic effect that allowed him to close in the distance, surrounding the vampire with a few seconds and a blur of motion.
Nowhere to run, no reason to live, no fear of death….the vampire yielded to the adventurers. They heard Fayte and Hadarai mopping up in the rooms outside as a faint thumping and a cry for help came from one of the sarcophagi. Inside, Lady Duskstrider’s paladin brother lay, pale, sweating, disheveled and with many bite marks covering his body. He eagerly composed himself and heard out his saviors who expressed interest in taking him with them.



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