Spelljammer 4th Edition

9th Game Session


The PC’s are returning to silverymoon with the rescued paladin in tow. He is a nephew of the hunter that the crew was trying to enlist in order to track down and end the threat of the green dragon and resume safe caravan travel in the region of Lurar once again. When they arrived at her manor the town watch was poking about, claiming that she’d been murdered by a guild of assassins operating out of the city.
A quick assessment by the arcane eyes of Fayte and Hadarai and the pieces began to fall together. Shadow magic was the chosen coarse of assassination. But by whom exactly? The city watch had a lead they were willing to trade the crew in exchange for routing the guild itself. So off they went to purge silverymoon of this organization of death merchants. Down into the cellar of an old curio shop they descended, first sending Fayte’s familiar down to scout, then charging down when the kitty did not return. They were met by a pack of startled Shadar-kai. Twisted and demented souls, their race seeks pain and physical extreme to stave off the gloom of the Shadowfell. The fight was a struggle, with the shadowcasters slipping in and out of the darkness in an elaborate dance of flurrying blades and bolts of magic. In the end, the enemy caster slipped away and the others were dispatched save but one, who’s will was gradually crushed to dust by the wizard as he was cowed by the teifling. They managed to get the name of the leader, and the location of the main hideout, through the sewers of Silverymoon. Instead of giving him a merciful death, the crew granted him life aboard a spelljammer, figuring he would come in handy in their travels.
Down into the darkness and the foul stench they went. To the veins of filth and foulness that ran underneath the sun-kissed streets above. The PCs came upon an old man cowering in the corner, injured and crying for help. They saw through the ruse however, and under the illusion the Oni lurking with weapon in hand. As they approached, they were abushed by more shadar-kai, and the witch that plagued them from the last battle. To top it all off, they drew the attention of a gelatenous cube, which may have been part of silverymoons waste system, it remains unclear since it only attacked when it was provoked by an area attack above.



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