dimensions and different realities

I am fully willing to take this game into entirely different campaign settings. If that’s where you guys want to travel, there you shall go.

Aebeir-Toril (This is where the game will likely start in, unless we decide something different.)

Far Realm (Think Cthulu)

Ravenloft (Read: Domains of Dread in the Shadowfell)

Eberron (An entire world of flying ships? :O)

*Greyhawk *(Nobody will want to go here, just throwing it out there for posterity)

Haven (Jeffs home brew world. Its like 500 miles in circumference!)

Athlas (Is there a sword pummel jewel that can transport the spelljammer to this awful world? Perhaps….)

Pern (Dragonlance? EH? EHHHHH?)

Red Fern (Old Ad&D world)

Astral Sea
Deities and Domains
Elemental Chaos

dimensions and different realities

Spelljammer 4th Edition LukasLevy