On Spelljammers
Spelljammers are flying ships typically outfitted with a spelljamming helm which is used as a focus for the Planar Shift ritual. There are other tools used specifically for planar vessels including manuals, sextants, magical sails and rigging, armor plating, and special weapons. Spelljammers have 500hp, are usually 4sq by 8sq. AC 3, Fort 20, Reflex 2. Its speed is fly 12 and can hover, with an overland flight of 15. The physical sails help, adding anywhere to a +4 to a -4 depending on strength of wind, ect. They can carry about 30 people with a maximum cargo of 40 tons. It takes six to pilot a spelljammer ideally. One pilot, five crew who each spend a standard action each round to keep control of the vessel whilst the pilot barks out orders. Each unmanned station reduces the flight speed by 4, at speed 0 the spelljammer flies out of control and eventually crashes.
There are many other planar ships, skiffs, barges and dromonds. Gargantuan domain vessels who sail in the name of the gods litter the planes. They even say the great Githyanki city is a giant floating vessel, spanning the astral sea toward its goals.
One thing is for certain, Spelljammers are the most coveted. Their spelljamming helms and ability of flight and maneuverability make them ideal for getting just about anywhere in the planes.

Other ideas for Ships:

Ship Names
Calypso’s Sadness
Dragon’s Dream
Pirate’s Fall
Pirate’s Hangman
Plunderer’s Deceit
Wandering Star
Privateer’s Gold Night
The Awful Strumpet of Hell
The Cursed Doom
The Cursed Plunder
The Pirate’s Damnation
The Death of the East
The Deceit of the West
The Dreaming Killer of the East
The Fearful Storm of Sigil
The Foul Doom
The Hell-born Nightmare
The Horrible Mystery
The Horrid Saber
The Pain Lady’s Bosom
Davy Jones’ Killer
The Rape of Umberlee
Ocean’s Whore
Plunderer’s Fear
Plunderer’s Pearl
Asmodeus’ Killer
The Screaming Pirate
The Scurvy Knave
The Damned Howl
The Damned Raider of the Sea
The Evil Hangman of the North
The Hell-born Cry

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Armaments The Blade of Destiny is currently equipped with two ballistas off the port pow. They are supplemented by the ships breath weapon attacks, which can be done as a minor action by any of those aboard the ship, or any enemies capable of a dc30 arcana check. This is an encounter blast 3 cold or fire, or a blast 5 acid breath weapon attack based off dexterity, strength, or constitution, chosen by the caster. If the ship gets to half hp, the valves begin to leak and build up pressure again in strange places, allowing a second use of the encounter breath weapon attack.

Defenses The ship has 560hp, AC28, fort 24, reflex 2, and a 23 will. Speed 15 hover, overland 18, at full speed. Resist 15 Fire, 15 Cold. Resist 20 Acid.

Propulsion system. The ship runs on a crystal-based psionic thought drive arcane engine at its core which can be infused with magical residuum for further speed in the astral sea, The engine room also contains vats of fluid and electrical wiring and clockwork where the preserved dragon hearts pump the blood of the ship throughout, providing a source of constant arcane energy, as well as fueling the ships defenses and offenses.

The hearts:
The red wyrmling Ressicthxora serving aboard an enemy Gythyanki ship when the crew made their first escape.
The white wyrmling Tressernesscha, being kept as a pet in an old dwarven fortress on a mote of ice in the elemental chaos infested with ice devils.
The adult black, calling herself Lady Nightshade, leader of an assassins guild of terrifying shadowy non-human mercenaries working out of Silverymoon.

Repairs. This is a check, or done by rituals of mending. Either way, there are currently 300gp worth of mundane repair supplies aboard the ship. Tar, extra boards, nails, rope, ect.

Navigation. There is a Map of Unseen Lands on the ship, as well as the Spelljamming Helm, which helps steer the ship as well as working as a focus for the planar traveling rituals. The ship also has on it a portal to the Shadowfell.

Special Abilities Ship can make its own breath weapon attack on its initiative. The roll is +13 vs. Reflex. This power recharges after the ship gets to 1/2 HP. It tries to hit as many enemies as possible.

Life aboard the ship For the adventurers, life aboard the ship is pretty easy. Due to the magical blood conduits running in and about the ship, the temperature remains moderately pleasant at all times. Below deck, Mr. Fry it is usually always on hand to prepare whatever recipes the crew gives him, or making edible slop from whatever he can find in the pantry for the prisoners. The captain makes sure everyone keeps a fair balance of duties and a healthy lust for drink, gambling, and songs.

A few ship terms!
Aft – the rear of the ship
Fore or bow – the front of the ship
Port – left side of ship when you are facing the bow
Starboard – right side of ship when you are facing the bow
Anchor – heavy metal weight lowered to the sea bottom, used to hold a ship in place
Kedge – small back-up anchor
Hawser – Heavy rope or cable
Rigging – all the ropes, cables, & shrouds on a ship

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