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Welcome to our Spelljammer 4th Edition Campaign

This is not space… But it is a final frontier. A vast sea of astral flotsam makes up the stuff left behind in the wake of the Dawn War, a vast and tragic conflict before recorded history over the very fate of all Creation. It is the realm where the gods shape their domains, as well as a handful of powerful and ruthless, if not bizarre races dwell. Far below the world, there exists a chaotic realm where the elements churn and whip about in a ceaseless torrent of creation and destruction, its various surfaces and floating motes supporting everything from vast, ancient cities to small outposts and monasteries. Below even the lowest realm lies the Abyss, a swirling drain of entropy. Far beyond the furthest known divine domain or gythyanki outpost lies the Far Realm, where the bizarre and the alien slithers into reality. Some say that by traversing the Far Realm, it is possible to visit other worlds, other dimensions and different realities all together.
Having served briefly aboard a Spelljammer ship, you have been exposed to the wonders of the planes. (served being a relative term, enslaved probably being more accurate.) You know about the Dead Gods floating in the sea. About the crazed slaad who croak and hop about the planes in chaotic hordes. You know of demons and devils. Angels and Archons. You’ve been to the City of Brass and felt its blistering heat upon your brow. You have soared over the mountaintops of Celestia and felt its cool, invigorating chill whip through your hair. You’ve walked the streets of Sigil, the city of doors that seems to be the very hub of the planes themselves.
The more you saw the more the desire grew to wander these planes. You very much doubt that you could settle down after experiencing what you have. Even at the worst of times you can’t help but admire the fact that even your suffering has been more exciting than your previous life. They speak of a madness that circulates the planes like a disease, and surely you have been infected with it. But the only cure for this disease is to venture forth, to see what is to be seen, to brave dangers and splendors alike, witness true valor, true horror, and to seek out the destiny that awaits you.

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